About us

What does White Noise mean?

White Noise is a sound that contains all frequencies in the human audible spectrum with equal amplitude.

In lay man terms it contains all frequencies in an equal quantity.

Just like white light contains all other colors.

White Noise is also referred to as “Pure Tone”.

It is widely used for mental therapy, pre & post natal care.

White Noise is known for its relaxing and soothing properties.

What do we do at White Noise?

At White noise we provide complete audio/video entertainment solutions. Be it your bedroom, home theater, living room, bathroom, gym, restaurant, garden or office.

With White Noise, you can make the right kind of noise everywhere.

What can White Noise do for you?

We at White Noise shall work hand in hand with your design firm /architect/interior designer/engineer and contractors.

We are also a consulting firm, and shall provide you our expertise in co-ordinance with your requirement and design.

We shall guide you, your designing firm and the execution team in;

  • Designing your acoustic environment,
  • Material selection,
  • Cabling,
  • Product selection and supply,
  • Speaker & other equipment placements,
  • Acoustic treatment of your ceiling, flooring & walls
  • Automation of your house and offices.

In short we shall ensure in totality; that the quality of audio/video and the over all experience you get is of a worthy level keeping in mind the time, money and effort put into it.

What brands does White Noise Deal in?

White Noise deals with brands which are internationally renowned for their expertise in manufacturing High Quality A/V & entertainment products.

These high end brands are now officially making their way into the Indian Market, giving the Indian consumer a wide variety of High End equipment which can really amaze your senses.

Following are the brands we carry in our stable.

  • Anthem
  • Dali
  • Denon
  • Dune
  • ELAN
  • Martin Logan
  • Onkyo
  • Paradigm
  • Arcam
  • Peachtree Audio
  • Epson Projectors
  • ELAN g!
  • Da-lite

We also deal with many other brands on case to case basis, as per the client’s requirement.

All these brands have regularly updated websites; please visit them for further information on each.

Why are these products so expensive? Compared to other famous mass selling brands?

Let us understand one fundamental clearly.

Price – Quality & Service, Pick any two and the third one comes along.

While comparing products on basis of pricing; we usually forget to compare the quality and service that needs to come along.

All these products carry years of scientific research and ultimate refinement in manufacturing techniques.

Adopting newer technologies, incorporating high quality components, innovative designs backed by solid construction, ultimate fit to finish.

These products are not merely audio video equipments, they are pieces of art.

Every product at White Noise carries an official company backed warranty. We do not deal with grey market channels.

What system should I buy? Everything seems so attractive, I am confused…..!

We can certainly guide you here.

Every solution at White Noise is customized as per your requirement & acoustic environment.

This is what we firmly believe

"An ideal entertainment system is not necessarily the loudest or the most expensive one; it is the one that best meets your needs."