Project: Jewellery Store

Client Requirement: Discreet Install - Individual Volume control from all counters - Equal spread of sound - Tight Budget

Design Inputs: 

We designed the entire AC vent structure in such a way that we could incorporate regular round ceiling speakers ( we could have used invisible speakers but did not as we were given budget limitations ).

The vent was designed keeping in mind our objective of achieving a very smooth spread of sound in the entire space.

The system was designed with individual volume controls at each counter. Sales staff at each counter have the liberty to change the volume to avoid disturbance while displaying products to their clients.

Equipments Used: 
Onkyo A- 9070 ( Integrated Amplifier ), 
OSSI CM 30 ( 2 way - 30 watts ceiling speakers ), 
Knoll VS 105PM ( Volume controls ), 
Audio Quest Cabling.

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Project: Surround System for bedroom - Upgrade from existing System.

Client : A very keen listener, fascinated with high end audiophile systems. An AV enthusiast who is very particular about sound and brands. Someone who loves messing around with the system himself; and always aiming at improving the system performance as per his listening habits.


Equipments: After many exhaustive demo sessions we finally decided on the following setup.


Equipments Used: 


Onkyo BD SP 308 Blu ray player.
Denon AVR 4311- ( 9ch AV receiver with Airplay), 
Paradigm Special Edition Floor Standing Front Speakers
Paradigm Special Edition Center Speaker
Paradigm Monitor Surround 3s7
Paradigm Special Edition Subwoofer
Panasonic AE 2000 Projector
Grand View 120" diagonal motorised screen.
Audio Quest Cabling.
SCP connection accessories.


1 pair of surround speakers retained from previous JBL system ( used as side surrounds )
1 pair of bookshelf speakers retained from previous JBL system for Zone 2 ( Bath Area )


This was the first system we did for the family. After a satisfactory install the client was very happy with the system performance and our service. We received an opportunity to do 2 more high end projects for his brothers. We also received a commercial project for their state of art Jewelry showroom

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Project: Dance Floor

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